"The Guarandol Project presented in 1975 in the "III edition of the Avellan Prize" 

through an action called the Office, is perhaps one of the richest moments in the 

conceptual work of Barboza. In the Office, the artist has a desk, files and other 

bureau implements, to send correspondence and present photographs and 

dissemination material that would allow him to promote the Guarandol Project. 

This consisted of getting a helicopter to fly over the towers of Central Park, 

leaving long strips of cloth hanging with the inscription "Art as people / People 

as art". Subsequently, these strips would be dropped freely on the public 

highway. Although the action could never be executed because it entailed 

serious dangers, the artist achieved a crossing of senses by establishing a game 

between reality and fiction: he photographed a model and the assembly of a 

small paper helicopter arranged on the window pane, and he manage to create 

images so "realistic" that they acted as a photographic record of an experience 

never realized."

- Katherine Chacon